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  • Krista Lovelace

    Krista Lovelace

  • Shane J. Ralston

    Shane J. Ralston

    Philosopher, journalist and writer with a knack for speaking truth to power. Always up for a good convo: philsphizer@gmail.com

  • Ginny Gjedsted

    Ginny Gjedsted

  • AssetSonar Team

    AssetSonar Team

    Comply with software licensing regulations, reduce hardware downtime, and always be audit-ready with our powerful IT asset management software.

  • Brian Lask

    Brian Lask

    A writer, philosopher, entrepreneur, and much more. Subscribe to The Lasker: thelasker.substack.com

  • Dean Middleburgh

    Dean Middleburgh

    Life Coach in training, looking to help people fulfil their potential | Top writer and storyteller | Follow my journey here on Medium!

  • Matthew Prince

    Matthew Prince

    I am a writer who is trying to understand the world. I write on philosophy, psychology, social justice, and everything else. For more info: princedet5@gmail.com

  • Tim Lekach

    Tim Lekach

    Proud Owner & Founder of https://VitaminHippo.com/trending-now/ Helping You Live Your Best Life!

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